The vibe

Performing for our community is both a joy, and an honor. Throughout his career, Mr. Lee has prided himself on bringing positive focus to each and every project that takes the stage. 
  • Preparation. I understand how precious rehearsal and performance time can be, and that is why I work tirelessly to anticipate the needs of the music before I show up to play.  From hearing the first recording, to producing full charts,  my work flow is built to get your ideas developed efficiently, in the way you want. Rehearsal time is for rehearsing, not practicing. 
  • Communication. Being clear about expectations and creative ideas is crucial to working together as artists. I always try my best to ask pointed questions, and listen for the details behind every answer.  The more information I have, the better I can serve the needs of the project. 
  • Professionalism. I am always on time, and I use good gear. You never have to worry about having another "flaky bass player."
  • Experience. Nothing beats having someone on your team with the confidence and composure to be a rock of consistency.  20+ years of preparation, 100's of projects, and a singular, positive focus are why my clients enjoy having me on board.  

Positive energy