One part working band and one part teaching ensemble, The TOaG Quartet is dedicated to producing hard-hitting original jazz, honoring our musical roots, and supporting arts education. 





Recorded live at the legendary Airship Laboratories with the audience in the studio with us, this 15 track double album is an incredible follow up to our first record Grey and Green.  Charting a course of all original music that spans dirge like ballads, greasy grooves, sizzling up tempo swingers, and narrative interludes, this sonic adventure is going to take you places. 

What we do

"As an assembly of instrumentalists, the TOaG Quartet is an Oakland-based musical organization inspired by the many lineages of improvisation and groove. Striving to be honest to who we are, where we have been, and where we hope to go, we pay homage to the work of our elders - who laid the groundwork upon which we stand - while aspiring to spark the mind with truth, and move the spirit with groove. Alongside the tireless service of community music educators, TOaG also works to support arts education by curating jazz clinics for young students, creating a positive space for musical exchange between professionals and pupils."

Our Sound


The TOaG Quartet is proud to have partnered with Oakland High School to host year long jazz clinics for their student musicians in 2018-2019, alongside music dept. head David Byrd. If you would like to learn more about this program, you can visit the program page.

Who We Are

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